Action Learning

The business of M-Gruppen (and what we are specialised in) is developing course material in support of efficient company change programs.

The focus is business understanding and finance/economy – and the methodology is »Action Learning« or »Learning by Doing«.

Traditional classes are replaced by excited and engaged students learning with a high degree of activity.

Results have shown that this learning methodology reduces training time/cost by more than 50% when compared to »traditional teaching«.

M-Gruppen has developed the Business concept: Manual simulations for developing people and their organisations.

The breadth of view for better decisions

The Business concept has been developed based on the idea: Managers and staff who understand business will be able to make faster and more profitable decisions.

The better the overview – the better the decisions.

Business Decisions is developed for management and provides in-depth training for more profitable business decisions.

Business Logic is developed for staff people and enables participants to better understand and implement management decisions that require rapid change.


For the management decision-maker

Management and financial decision makers will, during an intensive 2½ -3 day course get the overview and the necessary in-depth competence that enables them to more profitable business decisions in the future.

The participants (12-24) are distributed in groups of 3-4, who will take over an existing business.

The groups have to develop their business in tough competition with the other groups.

The difficult part is not to set a goal and to develop a strategy, but to implement it …with success.

For Staff People

Staff/team leaders/self managed groups will, during an intensive 1-1½ day course gain a higher awareness and understanding of decisions made by management and the ability to implement those decisions with greater speed and profitability.

This broader understanding will enable the management to communicate better to ensure better implementation of needed company changes.

The participants are distributed into groups of 3-4, who take over an existing business.

The development can be fully managed by the instructor – or the participants can have a limited chance to make their own decisions – and thereby see and understand the consequences of their business decisions.

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